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Geoff Colvin Behavior DVD Collection

Geoff Colvin Behavior DVD Collection

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Geoff Colvin is a national expert on school safety and violence prevention. Purchase three of his powerful programs and save $50! Includes:

Defusing Anger and Aggression - Safe Strategies for Secondary School Educators
Teachers learn 6 non-confrontational strategies for managing student anger and aggression. Analysis & strategies to manage offtask behavior, respond to provocative behavior, identify & reduce agitation, establish limits & disengage from dangerous situations.

Managing Non-Compliance - Effective Strategies for K-12 Teachers
Teachers learn a 3-part strategy to correct noncompliance and enlist cooperation. Right/wrong way vignettes to demonstrate how to effectively handle defiance, resistance to directions,not minding, insubordination, oppositional behavior and other troublesome, noncompliant behaviors.

Managing Threats - A Schoolwide Action Plan
A comprehensive approach for managing student threats that balances school safety with meeting the educational needs of students. Analysis of types of threats & why students make them, overcoming ‘code of silence’, using protocols, defining staff roles, intervention strategies, risk assessments and developing behavior support plans.