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Managing Threats: A Schoolwide Action Plan

Managing Threats: A Schoolwide Action Plan

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This effective program provides a comprehensive approach for managing student threats that balances school safety with meeting the educational needs of students. Dr. Geoff Colvin, an expert in school safety and violence prevention, teaches that by understanding threats and carefully assessing situations, staff can respond effectively and follow-up with appropriate behavior support.

Roles are carefully described so that all staff and administrators know how to respond immediately and effectively to student threats.
Video vignettes with analysis by Dr. Colvin cover the following topics:


  • Understanding types of threats
  • Why students make threats
  • Overcoming the code of silence
  • Using essential school protocols
  • Defining roles for all staff and administrators
  • Strategies to intervene immediately
  • Risk assessments
  • Developing behavior support plans

DVD includes a reproducible 28-page manual. 30 minutes.