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Defusing Anger and Aggression: Safe Strategies for Secondary School Educators

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Defusing Anger and Aggression can help reclaim schools as safe places. Dr. Geoff Colvin analyzes examples of aggressive behavior and describes effective strategies for defusing it. Angry or aggressive students can be managed with the insights learned in Defusing Anger and Aggression. Faculty and staff train on student aggression with six video examples of problem behavior and learn how to cope with:

  • Managing off-task behavior
  • Responding to provocative behavior
  • Addressing disrespectful behavior
  • Identifying and reducing agitation
  • Establishing limits
  • Disengaging from dangerous situations

This course is design for high school and middle school administrators in general and special education. Teachers, behavior support staff, substitutes and any professional working with children in school will benefit from the insights in Defusing Anger and Aggression.  This course is consistent with PBIS standards and is the best selling product from IRIS Educational Media! Proven to be effective.

DVD includes 12-page viewer’s guide and downloadable charts, logs and illustrated handouts.
30 minutes.

Dr. Geoff Colvin draws on his experience as a teacher and school administrator in general and special education.  Dr. Colvin has provided inservice trainings for over 100 school districts and agencies in the United States.  Geoff Colvin is the author of over 60 publications on teaching and managing students with problem behaviors.

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