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My Lifebook: Future Planning for People with Developmental Disabilities

My Lifebook: Future Planning for People with Developmental Disabilities

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Use this DVD and scrapbook-style activity book as a comprehensive future-planning guide for teens and adults who have developmental disabilities.  Students and families learn to:

• plan for work and leisure 
• establish a network of friends
• assure good housing options
• make financial arrangements
• document personal, medical and emergency information


The easy-to-use scrapbook-style workbook integrates with the video, providing families or caregivers with a permanent spot to record important information about their own lives. The included CD allows families to print and update scrapbook pages.

Parents of children with developmental disabilities can use this program with their child to create a record of important information and as a planning tool for the future. Sons and daughters can be active participants in creating My Life Book. This program can also be used by a group leader or instructor to teach a class on future planning for community members or participants in a special program.
Program covers:  

  • Documenting the past and present
  • Selecting a key person
  • Establishing a network of friends
  • Assuring good housing options
  • Planning for work and leisure
  • Making good legal and financial arrangements
  • Emergency information & planning

84 minutes

100-page spiral-bound activity book includes:

  • Fun scrapbook pages for documenting the past and present
  • Clear, practical future-planning pages