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Managing Middle School Classrooms: Behavior Expectation

Managing Middle School Classrooms: Behavior Expectation

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Teachers create a positive classroom climate, minimize problem behaviors and gain time for instruction when they proactively communicate expectations to students.

Establishing behavior expectations is one of the first steps in creating a positive classroom climate. With this program, middle school teachers will learn a 7-step strategy for setting up and monitoring behavior expectations in their classrooms.

  • Be proactive - expect the ideal and plan for it
  • Identify Behaviors - select specific behaviors you want students to learn
  • Organize - create a small set of behavior expectations
  • Communicate - describe the behavior you want  to students
  • Monitor - observe students and give them feedback
  • Review - discuss expectations and tell students how they are doing, modify if necessary
  • Expect the Ideal - keep the focus on the behaviors you want

The DVD version includes a 21-page viewer's guide with links to free downloadable handouts, and 5 reference cards.
20 minutes.