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Ease Into Fitness: Beginner Workout for People with Developmental Disabilities

Ease Into Fitness: Beginner Workout for People with Developmental Disabilities

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"This fine program features encouraging instructors praising and offering positive reminders to the eager participants."



The introductory video, Start and Stick with Exercise, shows how to get started safely and enjoy the benefits of exercise:

• Boost Energy
• Look Good
• Enjoy Better Health
• Improve Stamina
• Brighten your Mood

Additional Features:

  • Tracking calendar
  • Medical screening guide
  • Affirmations
  • Ideas for getting started

 Video run time: 35 minute workout, 10 minute introduction

Library Journal, May 15, 2004-

Ease Into Fitness is a workout tape that features warm-up and cool-down sections, flexibility training, and movements for strength and balance. The various exercises are demonstrated by a class of teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities. The tape has a short motivational segment that explains the benefits of starting an exercise regimen for people with developmental disabilities and their families. These two programs [Ease Into Fitness and Leisure Works!] are recommended primarily for public libraries, although academic libraries will find them useful for sports or human kinetics studies.

Educational Media Reviews Online, July 23, 2004 -

Ease Into Fitness is a complete physical workout for people with developmental disabilities. Structured as any other workout tape, the instructor leads a small group of young adults with various developmental disabilities through a warm-up, stretching moves, gentle aerobics, strength and balance, floor exercises for the core muscles, and a cool down.

The entire workout is made up of simple yet effective exercises. Instructors stress safety and encourage participants to go at their own pace. The aerobics section is especially noteworthy because theses very basic moves can increase the heart rate significantly enough to produce results. Instructors are first-rate and the music is appropriately unobtrusive with a dance beat. The group of exercisers, all at various levels of fitness, seem to be enjoying themselves, making the task of exercising with a tape all that much easier.

A balanced, beginners workout tape for a specific audience, Ease Into Fitness from Iris Media is highly recommended for academic health sciences and education collections, as well as rehabilitation and mental health agencies serving an adult developmentally disabled population.

Eight developmentally disabled adults complete a three-part exercise workout in this program developed by disability fitness specialists. The class learns why maintaining flexibility is important before following along as the instructor demonstrates stretches, rolls, rotations, and leg raises. In the aerobic phase, marching and sidesteps are introduced. A male teacher directs the segment on balance, using a chair and towel to lead the class in standing, sitting, and stretching routines. Of course, warm-up and cool-down routines are included as well in this fine program featuring encouraging instructors praising and offering positive reminders to the eager participants. The title concludes with motivational information about exercise, partnering, schedules, and rewards.