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Geoff Colvin Behavior Book Collection

Geoff Colvin Behavior Book Collection

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Geoff Colvin is a national expert on school safety and violence prevention. Purchase five of his most popular books and save $15! Includes:

-Defusing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom - Using seven key behavioral principals, this practical resource offers teachers approaches for immediately defusing disruptive situations, avoiding escalation, and correcting behaviors.

-Managing non-compliance and Defiance in the Classroom - Use this wealth of field-tested, evidence-based intervention strategies to improve social & academic outcomes for your students. 

-7 Steps for Developing a Proactive Schoolwide Discipline Plan - This valuable resource offers a 7-step process for preparing and implementing a schoolwide behavior management plan.

-Managing the cycle of Acting -Out Behavior in the Classroom - Learn about the 7 phases of acting-out behavior, and strategies to manage and prevent defiance, threats, resistance, avoidance and classroom disruption.

-Managing the cycle of Meltdowns for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Outlines practical steps for preventing and responding to the various phases of meltdown behavior in students with ASD.