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Classroom Management in Action: Essential Skills for Elementary Teachers

Classroom Management in Action: Essential Skills for Elementary Teachers

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Practice and master the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports skills you need to improve elementary students’ behavior and support their academic success. This course is designed for elementary school teachers, behavior specialists, and college-level courses for schools of education.

Classroom Management in Action is a practical research-based training course for mastering the nuts and bolts of classroom management. Both instructional and entertaining, it provides educators of all skill and experience levels strategies that decrease behavior problems and increase student social and academic achievement.

The principal investigator for Classroom Management in Action is Dr. Jeffrey Sprague. Dr. Sprague is a professor of special education at the University of Oregon and is a renowned expert in positive behavioral interventions.   

3 Modules with 14 Skill Builder videos:

• How Classroom Management Supports Student Learning     
Classroom Planning • Organize the Classroom   • Develop Behavior Expectations • Develop Routines  
Proactive Classroom • Positive Relationships • Positive Reinforcement • Teach Behavior Skills  • Attention Signals • Make Clear Requests • Move & Scan • Culturally Responsive Classroom 
Classroom Intervention • Off-Task Two-Step • Simple Choice • De-escalation

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