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We Have Skills now available for FREE

Social Skills for School Success

Opportunity Still Available for First Grade Teachers! 

First grade teachers can partner with We Have Skills, an 8-week social emotional learning curriculum and research study*. Through this partnership your school will receive this award-winning curriculum, training, and coaching, all for free! Fill out the contact form to reserve your spot in the program!

We Have Skills offerings:

  • Short lesson plans that are easy to teach
  • Videos and award winning easy-to-learn songs 
  • Teacher's manual with fun printables
  • Classroom posters featuring essential social skills

How can I get involved?

Complete the contact form on this page to see if you qualify. You will be contacted by a member of our We Have Skills team. If you participate, you may receive cash benefits for completing project activities. 

How does the study work?

Participating teachers only need 30 minutes a week to teach this fun filled 8 week curriculum. We ask that you complete two surveys during the school year. Our researchers will conduct brief classroom observations. Teachers will either be assigned to implement We Have Skills immediately or they may be assigned to a delayed training group. All participants will receive the program for their classroom and are encouraged to keep the curriculum for future use.

Are you interested in participating?

If you would like more information, please email us at, or call 541-343-4747 and ask for the We Have Skills research study.

*We Have Skills is part of a research grant funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, grant #R305A150046

Are you ready?

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