More resources to guide parents through the challenges of co-parenting during and after divorce.

Children Centered Divorce is an educational site with resources for parents who are experiencing divorce. From there, you can connect with coaches, e-books, and other professional service providers. Rosalind Sedacca is the voice of Child Centered Divorce, and is an acclaimed author and coach.

Our Family Wizard is a mobile app that can help families coordinate events and time with children. Parents that are separated or divorced can use Our Family Wizard to communicate and share a calendar, and is designed to reduce stress and conflict that can come with co-parenting.

Famylia is a secure online communication platform for separated or divorced parents to more effectively co-parent and reduce unnecessary conflict. It’s like slack for raising your children. In addition to being a central location for scheduling and organizing all things relating to the children, it is a tool to educate and facilitate child focused, positive communication to strengthen families post separation.